Operation: Love Reunited is a non-profit, fully volunteer organization that offers professional photography sessions to military families and members who are getting ready to deploy, who are currently deployed or those who are coming home.


Qualifications to Participate & The Gift of Photography:

To start the qualification to participate in our program you must be an immediate family member of or a member of the military. The military member must have orders to deploy to a "Combat Zone". The deployment must be a minimum of 4 months in length.


The Sessions:

Only 2 sessions are allowed per deployment/year. The first session is a choice of: 

1) "Pre-deployment" with the service member at location of choice or a "Saying Goodbye" - documentary style at the farewell location

2) "Mid-deployment" where the service member has already deployed. Keep in mind there must be 60 days left on the members deployment to qualify, otherwise you will only receive a "Homecoming Session"

The second session is always and ONLY the "Homecoming", which is done at the actual place & time of the family reuniting. These sessions are designed to capture the emotional moments of reuniting with your loved one after months apart. 

ALL sessions shall follow a patriotic theme. During the "Pre-deployment" session the service member must start out in their uniform with the option to change clost later in the session.

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The Gift:

1) You will receive two waived session fees for a patriotic portrait session with your family per deployment/year. 

2)The first session will include (15) 4x6 prints from your session that will be shipped directly overseas. This gift is about boosting the morale of our military while they are away from their loved ones and giving them photos to look at and hold onto.

3)The second session will include 15 digital image downloads for free.


What I Offer:

I offer 1 hour sessions for "pre-deployment" and "mid-deployment" at location of choice. For "Homecoming" sessions I will travel to the location of your homecoming (provided I am available). Most homecomings last about 1 hour give or take, however I try to block out the entire day to prepare for any delays that may happen. All sessions will come with "the gift" as mentioned above along with: 

2) Option to purchase additional items, prints and/or specialty items

3)Discounted future paid sessions.